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    Is there a fee if I would like to transfer money from Barion to another account?

    You can transfer your money whenever you want, the fee is 0,1% and minimum 50 cents.

    What is video verification and why is it necessary?

    According to the current legal regulations, the Hungarian Money Laundering Act and the Hungarian National Bank's Decree, you can store a maximum of HUF 300,000 in your Barion account at any given time, and your annual turnover may not exceed HUF 260,000 until you verify your identity. You can do this as part of a video call. You need nothing more than your ID or driver's license. If you authenticate yourself this way, you can then store an unlimited amount of money on Barion. You can perform authentication by logging in to the Barion system under My Wallet »Wallet Check. Or click the link below:

    Is there a monthly service fee if I register on the site?

    No. Feel free to register! We don't ask for any credit card number or account number neither at the registration, nor later.

    What fees can I expect if I use your service?

    We charge a 10% fee which includes all of your costs! Donably doesn't subtract any other charges; there are no hidden fees.

    How can I transfer money from Barion to another account?

    You may transfer your Barion balance to a traditional bank account at any time.

    How can I stop?

    If you decide to stop support to someone, you may cancel the renewal of the donation. Log in to Donably, then find your list of transactions under the Donations menu item. Click on the transaction to see your options for canceling renewal.

    Do I need to pay taxes on the funds I have collected through Donably?

    Since donations are immediately credited to your account, if the amount of support received from one person per year does not exceed HUF 300,000, you do not have to pay tax on this amount. Donably's system takes care of you so that you don't exceed this limit.

    Do I need to provide an invoice for the donations?

    Donably automatically generates an invoice in your name after each transaction and emails it to your supporter.

    What payment methods can I use if I'd like to send a donation?

    Barion currently supports only credit-card payments, but will soon expand payment options.

    The transaction was unsuccessful. What can I do?

    If for some reason the transaction failed, you will receive a clear error message from the payment system stating the reason for the error (For ex. expired credit card). Please try your payment again after correcting the error.

    How long does it take until I can access the funds sent to my account?

    The funds sent to you appear instantly on your Barion account; you don't need to wait to access them.

    Who can see how much funds I have received?

    The funds sent to you go directly to your account, so these are visible only to you.

    A donation has arrived on your account

    You'll receive this type of notification when a donation is sent to you. This message is to inform you only about this; it does not contain any advertising or marketing elements. If you don't want to receive these notifications, you can turn them off under Settings after you have logged in to Donably.

    A recurring donation has been cancelled

    We will notify you when someone has discontinued an automatically renewed donation, which means these funds will not be sent the following month. The message only informs about this; it does not contain any advertising or marketing elements. If you don't want to receive these notifications, you can turn them off under Settings when you log into Donably.

    A recurring donation has arrived on your account

    We will send you this notification not if you receive a brand new donation, but if an existing, recurring donation has been sent to you. The message only informs about this; it does not contain any advertising or marketing elements. If you don't want to receive these notifications, you can turn them off under Settings when you log into Donably.

    How come there is no VAT for Donably?

    Since the donation is received directly into your account, as long as there is no service provided in exchange, it is considered VAT and tax-free. If would like to provide some kind of benefit, for example content available to your donor only, you are VAT exempt for up to HUF 12 million* yearly income.

    *Tariffs vary by country:

    Hungary: HUF 12,000,000
    United Kingdom: GBP 85,000
    Italy: EUR 30,000
    Ireland: EUR 37.500
    Germany: EUR 17,500
    France: EUR 32,600
    Austria: EUR 30,000

    Registration / membership
    Why do I need to register with Barion to use Donably?

    Donably is not a financial institution. We don't use your funds, but rather help you collect donations with our donation-management system. The funds go directly to your Barion account, so you can access them at any time.

    How can I change my Donably web address?

    The URL of your donation page can't be changed.

    How can I change my data?

    After logging in, you can change the data you entered when you registered under the My Profile menu item.

    How can I cancel my Donably membership?

    Canceling your registration is unnecessary, since we don't charge any fees for membership. If you decide to cancel anyway, you can do this by logging in to Donably and selecting Delete my Profile under the Settings menu point.

    I've forgotten my password. What can I do?

    You can use the "forgotten password" function, and then check your mailbox.

    How it works
    How can I send a donation to someone?

    Go to the donation page of the user you want to support, and click the amount you'd like to donate. If you don't have a Donably account yet, you can pay after completing a simplified registration process by following the instructions. The whole process takes only 1-2 minutes, and even less if you have a registration already.

    How can I thank donations?

    Donably sends an auto-response to your supporter after each transaction they make. We recommend that you honor your supporters by drafting your unique thank-you message. You can create one by logging in and clicking "Settings", then "Set thank-you message".

    Why should I support someone with a donation?

    If someone creates content you find valuable, such as videos, podcasts, or blogs on a topic that interests you, it’s worth supporting them with a small amount so they don’t have to waste energies on finding a sponsor, but rather focus on what they are really good at, which is creating content! Your small, coffee-cup sized donation is a big opportunity of freedom to a creator!

    What is Donably?

    Donably is a system for collecting donations which anyone may use who accepts and follows our Terms and Conditions

    What kinds of activities may not be supported by collecting donations through Donably?

    You may not collect donations through our system if the content you produce violates law or good taste, is violent, incites violence or hate, is discriminatory, or includes pornographic elements in part or in whole.

    May I have two Donably registrations?

    Donably doesn't support multiple registrations by the same user.

    How can I create my page for collecting donations?

    Once you have registered to our site as well as the payment processor Barion, log in to Donably. Then, under the menu item "Donation Page", fill in the data, chose an available URL, and you're ready to go!

    How long does it take to create my donation page?

    If you already know what donation amounts you would like to collect, setting up the page is just a few minutes and is very simple to do, with no technical knowledge needed.

    Where can I post the link to my Donably page?

    Wherever you want as long as it doesn't violate Donably rules. It's best to post it everywhere you publish some content, whether it's Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or just your own personal blog or website. The more places you post it, the more donations you can expect!

    What kind of header image shall I use on my donation page?

    Though this is really a question of taste, it's a good idea to have an image which your supporters immediately associate with you.  This may be the the cover image at your Youtube, Facebook, or other page, which immediately lets your supporter know that they are in the right place.

    If I cancel my Donably registration, does my Barion account get cancelled as well?

    No. Your Barion account will be accessible, which means that you'll be able to access the donations which had been sent to you.

    What donation amounts may I set up for supporters to chose from on my donation page?

    You may set up any amount you would like, but it's recommended to provide smaller options which people are more likely to pay. Try to put yourself in their shoes and remember how much value you place on content created by others.

    What currencies may I use to collect donations?

    Currently, you may chose between EUR, USD, HUF, and CZK.

    Publishing channels

    You can maintain your publishing channels under Settings. These are the channels where you publish the content you produce, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. If you specify your channels, your supporters will see them on the return page after making a donation, which is a great way to promote your content.

    May I collect donations in several currencies at the same time?

    Currently, you may collect funds in a single currency of your choice which you must set up in advance. These are EUR, USD, HUF, and CZK.

    How can I turn off emails I receive from Donably?

    You may turn all types of notifications on or off after you have logged in and clicked on the "Settings" menu item.

    Periodic newsletters

    You will get newsletters like this very rarely. We don't use these letters for marketing purposes; we only send them to inform you about important updates or advice on how to make your Donably page more effective.