You also want to be able to make money from what you really like doing, don't you? If you have a passion for online content production, you can do so these days.

2021. January. 12., 12:51 | Donably

What is more, you have a number of options to help you turn your digital content into money.

Now, we present some effective ways to generate income through content and why you should use the Donably service.

Join a Partner Programme

Today, various social platforms offer popular content producers the opportunity to display ads on a video or text content created by them after entering into a partnership agreement. Ads shown in this way may generate a commission based on views or clicks.

One of the biggest benefits of partner programmes is that you don’t actually have to do anything other than produce content in order to earn a passive income.

However, the downside is that most interfaces control the content and the tone that can be published to match the ads of partners. Not to mention that most platforms only offer the opportunity to participate in their own partner programme only based on a certain number of followers, so a content producer with a smaller follower base will not be able to benefit from revenues from ad.

Find sponsors

More and more companies try to take advantage of the potential of influencer marketing, so there is a growing chance that you will also be able to generate some revenue with your content shared on social platforms.

If you do it skilfully, the sponsorship can improve even the value of the entire content. In many cases, however, this attempt may lead to the opposite effect. In return for their money, sponsors can expect you to shape your content to fit their image as much as possible.

So if you want to retain one hundred percent creative freedom, always pay attention to what sponsorship agreement you sign and make sure that the paid content that appears next to your own reflects the quality that your followers expect of you. Or simply opt for less risky, more flexible forms of making money.

Build your own brand

If you wish to rely less on the goodwill of advertisers, building your own brand can be a good solution. Your most enthusiastic followers will most certainly be happy to buy products with your logo, a book that takes further your blog posts, or just an e-book that expands on your content in more detail, which can bring you excellent extra revenue.

Branding is a longer process and you will definitely need a strong image and some marketing skills. However, if you wish to work with a professional graphic designer and possibly a marketing expert, you no longer have to think only about the revenue, but also the expenses involved.

Get enthusiastic supporters

These days, you come across several platforms that allow content producers to create a subscription-based content service or receive support from their followers. One such solution is Donably, which allows you to easily turn your passion into a means that provides you a regular income.

If you have your own sponsors, you do not have to rely on the goodwill of advertisers or sponsors of a particular platform. You do not have to tailor your content to their tastes, but you can produce them for those you really want to address.

The fewer ads and sponsored content, the more the audience generally likes a content producer and is more willing to support them in their ongoing work.

Of course, the community support can still be achieved if you are a participant in a partner programme or work with sponsors. You can still support your audience on the Donably interface.

And this extra source of revenue is great for investing all your time and energy in content production and creating an informative, entertaining content that your existing and future followers will also love.

Donably offers this option VAT and tax free, in addition to a much lower total cost than the currently very popular donation management systems.