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Dear All,

I need some help. Unfortunately, I did not get a scholarship this year due to several reasons, so I have to finance my university studies myself. I can still make ends meet, but it will get harder and harder, my rent and living expenses together are simply too much. I am currently in my second year of International Studies at Leiden University. Since it is very difficult and almost impossible for me to pay my monthly rent alone and my living expenses, I am turning to you for help.
A little more about me, so you can get to know me better: My name is Rozalia Galambica, I was born as the fourth child in a disadvantaged Roma family in Ozd. When I was thirteen, I moved to Budapest with the help of the You Belong Foundation and was admitted to the Alternative Secondary School of Economics (AKG). Over the years, I had to overcome many disadvantages, but I feel that I have successfully stepped on the path that leads me to where I want to be. Over the years I have achieved things that otherwise would be considered impossible for a Roma girl like me. I was admitted to AKG, I obtained my C1 language exam in English, I led several programs for high school and university students about Romani people and Romani culture, I successfully graduated from high school, I was admitted to one of the best universities in the Netherlands, I am translating Amanda Gorman's book together with a couple of other You Belong students, but one of the most important thing is that I created the life for myself that I always dreamed of as a little girl. I don't want to let go of this dream so early, so I ask you to help me if you can, I would be very grateful if we could manage to collect the amount I need to be able to stay in The Netherlands and have safe housing. Feel free to share, every donation counts and I would be really thankful if you could help me.


20 EUR Monthly
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