For those who are familiar with the social media realm, crowdfunding is no news. More and more content creators are counting on their followers to finance their projects. It is no wonder, since crowdfunding has many advantages compared to the usual financing methods. It can help online content creators’ creativity to thrive.

2021. March. 10., 12:57 | Donably

In this post we have listed reasons backing community funding and we’ll show you a solution that helps effectively collect and manage contributions.

Nothing holds your creativity back

There are many content creators who finance their projects by sponsors and income from partner projects. In many of their cases, subjects are limited. If they want to make money, they must meet the expectations of solvent partners.

This often has a detrimental effect on creativity. The content results being artificial and commercial.

On the other hand though, if you rely fully on community power, you will have your artistic freedom. You will not have to comply with sponsors or affiliates. Measure will be solely established by you and your followers’ satisfaction.

Ideas not attracting the traditional financiers, are often popular among the community. So, if you have an idea, it is worth trying to realise it with crowdfunding.

Helps to attract loyal followers

For a follower, to help a content creator operate free from sponsors, is like taking our share from the creative work, as a viewer, listener or reader. The possibility of community financing enhances the relationship between creators and followers. It helps building a stable and loyal community.

Those who like your work can become part of the creative process through financial support, so they can have a closer connection to your content. You have nothing left to do, but to express your gratitude by creating fun and quality content for your community. Sounds like a great deal for everyone, right?


Help you to gain self-confidence

If it has happened to you that you didn’t dare to start a project in fear of no interest, it’s time to test yourself. The number of your supporters will show the demand for your content creating work.

As you will gain more supporters, you’ll be sure that you are on the right track. Your income will help you boost your self-esteem as a content creator. This will eventually lead to the start of projects, you previously thought were impossible.

How to handle incoming support effectively?

The easiest way for you to handle the financial support received from your followers, is through a fundraiser system of your choice. These online solutions can help you manage your finances in one place, without the need to worry about administrational duties.

Donably, for instance, helps you to handle the amounts received from your supporters for a small commission and no registration or transaction fees.

It also assures the most money remaining in your pocket, so that you passionate followers can have the most fun and highest quality content, free from compromises.