Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular to be present on the internet with a video or text content. It is no coincidence that online content production has by now become a real occupation,

2021. February. 12., 12:44 | Donably

And those who want to make a living from it already have more opportunities to turn their ideas into money.

The best solution is the online fundraising systems, so you don’t need to worry that the content of your videos or blog articles have to adapt to the needs of the advertiser or sponsor. Donably is an online fundraising and support community building tool that primarily helps online content producers by managing smaller amounts of support. We show you how it works and how you can effectively integrate it into your content production process!

What is Donably Exactly?

If you regularly use online content, you have definitely come across support managing pages and applications.

Their main goal is to help bloggers, videographers, singers, musicians, painters, and any content producer who want to focus on what they do best instead of looking for a sponsor by managing the donations offered by their followers.

Donably is not only easy to use, but is also financially rewarding, as it entails a much lower cost than previous donation management sites like Patreon, at only 10%. By using it, you will not have to worry about paying the transaction levy, monthly fee, and VAT. This leaves you with up to one and a half times of the same amount of support money

How can you use Donably?

All you have to do to use the system is to register on You can do this with a phone number, email address, Facebook, Google and Apple account.


. After successful registration, you will need to create an online account for collecting the amounts that your followers will transfer to you.

Once you have done that, you can create your support page, which you can link to in the content you publish. Thus you can collect the donations after a few clicks and data entry.

How can you ask for donations from your followers?

In order for your viewers, readers, and followers to be able to support you, all you have to do is display a link to your Donably support page on as many interfaces as possible. Call your followers to donate through Donably on your social pages, in your new posts, in your content, so that those who wish can reward your work.

What distinguishes Donably from other fundraising systems is that with Donably the support you receive is not credited to the system’s account, but goes directly to your own account after the commission is deducted.

This gives you practically instant access to the amount, just for a fraction of the cost of other systems and support options.

What do you have to provide in return for the support?

What you provide in return for the support is up to you. Many people are happy to donate just to make sure that you produce quality entertainment content week after week, month after month, whose choice of topic does not depend on current sponsorships.

As the support comes directly to your account, if it is not an agreed consideration, it is considered a VAT and tax-free benefit.

If you also wish to offer something in exchange, for example content available only to your sponsors, then you can enjoy VAT exemption up to HUF 12 million per year.