Supporting online content creators on different sites, is no news today. Some social media platforms offer their own solutions already. We can choose from a number of different applications or come up with our own unique workarounds.

2021. March. 30., 13:06 | Donably

Which is the easiest option that saves you the most money? We’ll show you now which alternative you should choose for the receiving of support from followers.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms offer more and more ways for online content creators to earn a living, apart from partner programs or sponsored content. Among others, there is YouTube’s Superchat function, which allows vloggers to receive donations from their live shows’ viewers.

These kinds of solutions, however, being easy to use, have several drawbacks.

One of the disadvantages of Superchat for example, is that you can only use it above a certain number of viewers and followers. This is the case for other platforms’ or partner programs’ money making opportunities, as well. Not to mention the fact that several kinds of taxes and administrational charges will be deducted from your income.

Therefore, if you’d like to keep the financial support of your followers and not offer it to the social media sites, you should go for other solutions or apply several of them, at the same time.

Bank account

Many content creators provide the number of their bank account below their product. This is circumstantial, since followers would first need to log into their online banking app. Therefore, wiring might scare off a number of supporters.

Not to mention the fact, that this option may cause taxing problems. Sharing your bank account number online is not a good idea either.

It is not advised to use this method. Nowadays, we can choose from many other options, that are easier and more secure.


PayPal is an easier workaround, which is quite popular among content creators. With its help, followers can send you financial support, that will not be charged too much. This is a quick solution and takes a few clicks only.

The greatest disadvantage of this option is, that you can only receive money from supporters who also have a PayPal account.

Since the creation of a PayPal account is more time-consuming, than signing into an online banking app, it is possible that you will lose a number of potential supporters.

Fundraising platforms

Since a while now, fundraising platforms are available online. With their help, you can effectively handle support received from followers, but you will have to calculate with some service fees.

One of the most popular ones is Patreon, where regular and one-time supports are also available. A lot of people use this platform, despite the fact that they deduct 35% of content creators’ income, as service charges and additional costs.

As opposed to this, in the case of Donably we only need to count with 10%. How is this possible?

Using Donably, the amount received does not arrive to the system’s account. It comes from your supporters directly to your Barion account, after deducting commissions. This way the amount is immediately available for only a fraction of the cost of other supporting solutions and systems. There is no transaction charge, monthly fee or VAT for you to keep in mind.

The best of all is that establishing your Donably takes only a few moments.