Apart from having fun, many people would like to earn some money with their content uploaded to the internet. Most of them think though, this is only possible for influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers.

2021. March. 18., 13:05 | Donably

Besides, companies launching partner programs also have high expectations and in many cases can even restrain freedom and creativity. Fundraising platforms, on the other hand, provide the opportunity for all content creators to earn money, regardless of the content or the number of followers.

Haven’t you thought about using community power to help you create quality content weekly? It is not only popular vloggers, who should use Donably. Let us show you why it is worthy to use, so you may consider it for yourself!

Vloggers and bloggers

By now, social media platforms have overruled the TV and the radio. The most famous persons among youngsters, are mostly vloggers. No wonder, for many it has become lately an attractive career opportunity.

A lot of them give up hope, when they realise it isn’t so easy to make money from producing videos. One needs a high reach of viewers and many followers, not to mention having to adapt the content many times to sponsor needs.

In the case of relying onto the community’s support, you do not need any of this. Your followers like you being who you are. They will most likely support you, so that you can keep delivering them exciting and fun content, free from external influences.

Songwriters, musicians, singers

Due to the pandemic, performers’ situation has become difficult lately. However, we might be in need of cheerful songs now, more than ever.

Luckily, now you can upload or broadcast live your compositions or cover versions on different social media platforms. You can even give an online concert from your room.

If you would like your fans and followers to support you, Donably offers the perfect solution. You can share the link of your supporting site fast and easy, on your Facebook page or below your lives and YouTube videos.


Graphic designers and other artists

We hear often, that visual creative artists are not valued enough, despite making our days with their art on social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram.

However, the opportunity is now here for art lovers to show how much they appreciate their favourite artist.

You can share the link of your Donably support page below your work, so from now on your followers can express their appreciation, not only with likes.

If you are creative enough, you can perform your art live on the different platforms. This can help a lot with grabbing followers’ attention and boost the supporting activity.

Anyone, who is creative enough

The use of Donably is not linked to the nature of your content or the platforms where you display it. The link of the support page can be shared below the content, on your social media profile or your website.

Creativity is what matters. With the support of your community, you can easily have a regular income and create quality content from time to time.