As an online content creator, your most efficient source of income, besides the ads and partner programs, is the support provided by your subscribers. There are several ways for you to receive it. Some are simple and efficient, while others are circumstantial and not exactly cost-effective.

2021. March. 02., 12:55 | Donably

Let us show you how easy handling your funds can be with a good application, and why you should also choose Donably, as a content creator.

What are fundraiser sites and applications good for?

The point of fundraiser apps is to help you manage effectively the financial support received from your followers and to have a predictable income, on a monthly basis even.

Most of the popular fundraiser systems create a platform between content creators and followers that makes the process of one-time or regular support, effective and transparent.

With the help of these solutions, you can manage everything on the same platform and there is no need to trouble with paying taxes or doing any paperwork.

What other ways do you have to receive support?

There are certainly several ways to receive support from you followers. You don’t necessarily need a fundraiser, however, you will soon see, that it does make your life easier.

You may have a PayPal account designated for it, or you can receive transfers to your bank account. These options though can result in taxing issues and they may also scare off a number of followers from transferring money to you.

Why? The reason behind is that both parties need to have a PayPal account to use this service. In order to transfer to your bank account, the followers would need to log into their online banking app, which may be circumstantial.

On the other hand, fundraisers though make it possible, fast and comfortable for your followers to express their gratitude with a single click for your online content, on a monthly basis even, if they would like to.

How do fundraiser systems work?

Most fundraisers’ operation is based on commissions, meaning that a service fee will be deducted from the amount of incoming support from followers.

In exchange for this, you will not need to worry about administration or invoicing, and you can easily integrate the support options, generally in your website, below your content.

However, not every website’s commission covers all costs.

In the case of Patreon for example, one of the largest fundraiser systems, the rate above commissions reaches up to 30% of all incoming support. This means that using their system and after deducting commissions, you will receive only 65% of all transfers.

This is only 10% in Donably’s case, so you, as content creator will receive no less than 90% of the income. Not to mention that you don’t need to worry about transaction charges, VAT or monthly fees. You will receive the entire amount directly and smoothly to your Barion account.

It's worth taking advantage of the opportunities

Overall, fundraiser solutions, for a commission, offer you the opportunity to quickly, easily and securely receive funds sent to you.

You will not need to set up your own platform for it and your followers won’t have to bother either with a separate registration. With the help of solutions like Donably, with a few clicks already, they can support you to come up with always new, exciting and fun content.

Sign up now and create your fans’ support page in 2 minutes, so you can start receiving funds from your followers!